september is PCOS awareness month

september is pcos awareness month.( should have made this post at the beginning of the month and did some other little posts for it to but havent felt like posting to much ) maybe you are wondering what pcos is. pcos is ploycystic ovary syndrome. it is the most common ovarian function disorder in pre-menopausal women.  until recently it was one of the least understood conditions. research into the causes and symptoms of pcos has shown it to have consequences more far reaching than the obvious physical symptoms;the long term effects extend into menopause and beyond (quoted from pcos for dummies. i may quote a lot from this book as it is the only book i have at hand to make some quotes and then i will tell you about my experience with pcos and what i am dealing with on a daily bases. ).

defining the condition.

according to the american society for reproductive medicine, pcos is defiend as having any two of the following signs and symptoms:

oligo-ovulation( irregular ovulation) or anovulation (a complete lack of ovulation)

clinical or biochemical signs of high androgen (male hormone) levels

polycystic ovaries, which means many small cysts on the ovaries (normal ovaries have five or six follicles, whereas polycystic ovaries have ten or more)

the hormones involved in controlling periods and reproduction are produced in the pituitary gland located in the brain. in women with pcos two of these hormones are produced in abnormal proportions. the imbalance of these two hormones prevents the follicles in the ovary from developing properly. the follicles tend to remain small and dont mature enough to release an egg. as a result a string of small follicles, or cysts, form on the ovary giving rise to the characteristic polycystic ovary that gives the disorder its name.  polycystic ovaries alone are not enough to diagnose pcos.  around 20 percent of women have polycystic ovaries but no symptoms of pcos.

statistics of pcos

around 5 million american women have pcos (which i am very sure that this is in other countries to. )

pcos can start in girls as young as age 11

about 5percent ot 10 percent of american women have pcos.

there has also been some researches that has showed it to be a in the genes. so if your mother or someone on your dad’s side of the family has there is a chance you could have it also.

the most common pcos symptoms

weight gain, especially around the tummy

increased hairiness on the face and other regions.

male pattern baldness or thinning hair

oily skin with acne

absent or irregular menstrual cycles

insulin resistance.


okay i think this will be it today and i will post more on this subject tomorrow or friday one.


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